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Founders of HOPE

Thank you to our Founders for your early financial support of a hope and a dream. Since our inception in 2006, The Haflinger Owners Promotional Enterprise has been able to establish a robust voice in the marketplace on behalf of our amazing Haflinger horses, their breeders, owners and trainers who share a common goal, The Hope Difference.

Jennifer Rousseau, Tudor Oaks Farm
Rachel King , Deer Haven Farm
Kim Spann, Wingspann Farms LLC
W.T. Watkinson, Wing Over Haflingers
Cindy Benson, Silver & Gold Haflingers
Rick Kingery, Rick Kingery Haflingers
Mary Procopio, Lilac Farms LLC
Dirk & Karen Young, Twin Birch Farms
Oliver & Christina Heinz, Legacy Farm
Joel Greenisen, Greenisen Haflingers
David L. Wilson, Sr., Royal Acres Haflingers
Ronald & Ruth Eshuis, R Place Haflingers
William Hendershot & Charles Hendershot, Hendershot New Millenium Haflingers
John C. & Judith A. Miller, New Trend Farm
Robert & Maxine McCrory, Charlotte Ridge Haflinger Farm
Ingrid Krause, Happy Haflingers, LLC
Terri Birk & Clark Johnson, Riverwatch Haflingers
Robert L. Mullet, Misty Mountain Stables
Dee Burnett, Haflinger Haven
Dennis & Joanna Winslow, Finally Farm
Max and Patti Montoya, Frog Hollow Farm
Brian and Carol Hummel, Creekwood Farm
Lukas Scheiber & Family, Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl
Jennie L. Deephouse & Darrin R. Slattery, Dreamfield Manor Farm
Philip and Marjory Greenisen, Greenisen Haflingers
Robert Eicher, Eicher Woodworking
Donna White, Cabin Creek Farm
John & Toni Ellingson, William & Wendy Ellingson, Shady Grove Haflingers

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